Not just sugar

Prepared for Chocolate

RE CIOC hot chocolate is a tasty chocolate-based drink that comes directly from Central America to our country to be consumed mainly in the winter period. The most common topping is whipped cream but there are numerous variations: coffee, caramel, coconut are some of the ingredients that can be added to flavor it, leaving room for the greedy of nature

Honey, Agave, Maple

Re Miele is produced by the Italian Bees on the basis of sugary substances that they collects in nature. Thousands of plant species are visited by bees: some give rise to monofloral honeys, generally more precious and with a strong aroma, and others to produce the wildflower variety generally used to sweeten hot drinks and juices. Depending on the flower from which the nectar is taken, the flavor, color and consistency of honey vary. The multiple varieties reveal the delicate aroma of honey with a slightly amber color and liquid consistency, Re Miele arrives directly to your palates more refined.


Kalorè is a low-calorie sweetener in powder form made from a mix of low-calorie sweeteners. Thanks to the combination of these ingredients, a small dose of Kalorè is enough to obtain the same pleasant sweetness of sugar, but with 10 times fewer calories. A sachet of Kalorè sweetens like a teaspoon of sugar or like a standard sachet. Kalorè is suitable for all those who want to limit their sugar intake or follow diet programs with a reduced calorie intake without sacrificing the pleasure of sweetness.

We take care of packaging the product according to all customer needs, from industrial packaging to that intended for the end customer.

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