White Sugar

Refined white sugar comes from the processing of beet or sugar cane. It undergoes a complex industrial transformation: cooking, cooling, crystallization and centrifugation until granulated sugar. We move on to the second processing phase: the sugar is filtered and bleached to eliminate the last yellowish reflections from the natural product. The final product is a crystalline sweet white mountain which, following our packaging processes, can be found in the classic bar counter or in the confectionery industry and beyond.

Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar or impalpable sugar is basically sugar reduced to a very fine powder that is used to garnish or sweeten doughs for sweets of all kinds. Furthermore, in order not to allow the icing sugar not to harden, a small percentage of corn or wheat starch is added which allows it to last over time in the guise of candid and velvety powder.

Brown Sugar

Raw cane sugar: is obtained directly from juice extracted from crushed canes by artisanal operations, therefore without the use of chemicals that alter the flavor, color and organoleptic properties. It often comes from crops in Central America and South America as well as in Asia. Cane sugar contains, in addition to sucrose, the optimal quantity of natural components that enhance its sweetening power and make it a balanced food giving it the characteristic and pleasant aroma.

We take care of packaging the product according to all customer needs, from industrial packaging to that intended for the end customer.

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